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Floc dosing set. CDEFLOC1

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A complete FLOC or PAC dosing solution. Ideally suited for chemicals supplied in 25L carboys reducing chemical handling by the end user. FLOC, or Flocculant, is a liquid that is added into a pool improving the filter efficiency and, in turn, the water quality. FLOC works by bonding together small particles in the water making them much larger and easier to trap in the filtration system.

Installation Tips
When installing a Certikin FLOC set we would generally recommend that it is:
• As far away as possible from other dosing equipment
• Away from all sources of chlorine to reduce the risk of chlorine gas generation
• Injected as far upstream as possible
• Acid/chlorine injection points should be located POST filter
• FLOC cannot be used with DE (Diatomaceous Earth) or high rate sand filters