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Multicyclone Pre-filter & Water Saver

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Multicyclone Pre-filter & Water Saver with 1.5" connections & 12 cyclones

The Multicyclone is a pre-filter that is used in conjunction with a sand filter to reduce the backwashing frequency and to extend the life of the sand filter's media. The Multicyclone Plus has all the benefits of the ever popular Multicyclone with the addition of a 40ft2 cartridge filter located in the upper housing. Incoming water enters the hydrocyclones tangentially, generating a strong centrifugal effect. The sediment particles are then spun out to the hydro cyclone's wall and spiral down into the sediment chamber. The filtered water then migrates towards the centre of the hydrocyclone where the water reserves and spirals upwards and through a 40ft2 cartridge element before exiting the Multicyclone Plus. The addition of the cartridge element provides the highest standard of filtration possible with very little need for cleaning. The majority of the sediment is removed by the hydrocylones. The sediment level can be visually monitored through the Multicyclone's clear sediment bowl. The pressure gauge located at the top of the unit indicates when the cartridge requires cleaning. The cartridge can easily be removed by undoing the locking ring.The Multicyclone is cleaned by simply opening the purge valve. Only 15 litres of water is discharged to clean the MultiCyclone of sediment.

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