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ITT Spa Air Blower 700W ITT domestic blower. ITT-802

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ITT Spa Air Blowers 700W ITT domestic blower

This air blower is less used in hot tubs and is not heated, simply blows air, if carefully positioned inside the cabinet of the hot tub this air blower will draw warm air from pumps and heating units instead.

(Non Heated)

More Detail

  • Cable : 3 core with moulded plug
  • Watts : 700W

Testing your air blower

2 screws hold the top of the connection cover on top of the air blower, check for power inside and then their is a small fuse inside the blue body which can be accessed via taking out the remaining 4 screws and removing the neck spring with a pair of pliers (please don't just snap the neck of, but if you do it is easy to glue back on.)

Genesis 700w Hot Tub Air Blower connection information:

The hot tub air blower comes with threaded male connection to connect to the existing union in your hot tub. It comes with a standard 3 core cable, but it can easily be changed for your existing cable on site if required