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Calorex Side outlet Heat Pump - I-PAC+ (Y Range) All Year Round

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Inverter technology allows the speed of the heat pump to reduce whenever the pool needs less than the full output, matching heat output to exactly the heat required. This not only gives lower running costs, but reduces sound levels to a ‘whisper’ and eliminates the massive inrush currents associated with on/off heat pumps.

• Higher COP’s than traditional on/off heat pumps
• F-Gas compliant, using the Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) R32 refrigerant
• Increased range of power ratings from 8 to 25kW
• 9 -11 dB(A) sound reduction than an on/off heat pump, with ‘Whisper Mode’
• Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control (I-PAC range only)
• Compact size with a small footprint which is compliant with permitted development rights
• Increased operating range
• Multifunction operation can be set to: heat only, heat/cool and cool only functions
• Aluminium alloy on I-PAC range and ABS on V-PAC range
• 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (on-site parts and labour)
• Designed by Dantherm in the UK for the UK climate

Optional extras available:
• Remote control panel kit
• Winter protection cover


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