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1 Ltr Clear "N" Clean - copper based long life algicide. CNC1/12

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1 Ltr Certikin Clear "N" Clean - copper based long life algicide - can be used summer or winter to protect against black, green and pink algae. Improved formula. 1 litre now treats 6,500 gallons

A longer life swimming pool algaecide that has been specially formulated for use in private swimming pools.

Clear 'n' Clean algaecide prevents the growth of green, black, red and yellow algae. Clear 'n' Clean is also ideal where pools are not used for long periods of time. It is not affected by high ultraviolet light.

A single dose will keep the water crystal clear from algae for up to six months, thus reducing pool maintenance time for your customers. The elimination of algae means that customers can generally reduce chlorine consumption by 30 per cent.

Each 1-litre bottle will service 6500 gallons/29000 Litres.