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CHECKIT Water Balance Test Kit, 5 IN 1 TKL5

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CHECKIT Water Balance Test Kit, 5 IN 1 (0 - 4.0 ppm Cl, 6.5 - 8.4 pH, 20 - 200 ppm CYA, 0 - 500 ppm Alk (tablet count), 0 - 500 ppm CaH (tablet count)

CHECKIT® Comparator Test Kits are accurate, easy to use test kits for water analysis. Simply add the reagent to the sample cell, rotate the disc until the colour matches the prepared water sample and read the concentration value.

• Wide range of parameters for a variety of applications
• Colour discs have a continuous colour gradient making it possible to achieve a direct colour match - no need to extrapolate the result between two colour standards