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Multi 5 in 1 Pooltester (Cl, pH, Cya, TA, Cal H) TKPHCL5

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Multi 5 in 1 Pooltester (Cl, pH, Cya, TA, Cal H) TKPHCL5

The Chlorine Pooltester from Lovibond is an easy to use Pool testing solution. Simply fill it with spa or pool water, add the tablets, replace top and shake to help the tablets break up and compare the colours with the chart on the side.

This test kit comes complete with test container, tablets (DPD no1 & Phenol Red) & a helpful instruction guide.

Please read instructions on the products before use.

For more information on chemicals and water treatment there are documents and downloads available in our Resources section.

To test for chlorine (DPD No.3)

Carry out your normal DPD No.1 test, then without emptying the water in the tester, add the DPD no.3 tablet to the DPD section wait 2 minutes and that should give you your reading.