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Flat main drain grille (stainless steel) c/w flange, gasket & screws

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Featuring Certikin's unique grille design and available for concrete or liner pools the HD33 drain is used to draw the base water for filtering and is also used as the principal method of emptying the pool. Both concrete and liner types come complete with self-tapping fixings screws for added safety. Manufactured in white ABS.

• High flow - low velocity grille supplied as standard - Provides up to 50% more free flow area than other models
• Anti-vortex design- protective film prevents damage during installation
• Stainless steel grille available (CK33S)
• Square frame and grille range available for commercial installations

Main drain selection
When choosing sump (main drain) size always assume that total flow may be directed to the plant room via the sump(s) - sump size should be chosen accordingly. In normal conditions flow will be divided between surface draw-off and sump(s) in ratio: 70% Surface/30% sump for skimmer type pools or 50% Surface/50% sump for deck level pools.

On commercial or shallow pool applications stainless steel main drain grilles must be used. Main drains must be arranged so that there is no risk of bathers being drawn towards them or trapped there. It is recommended that on all installations, including domestic, a minimum of 2 x main drains are installed 2 metres apart.