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50 Litres OC-1 Filtration media. OC-1/50

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50 Litres OC-1 Filtration media

Unlike traditional methods that use entrapment, OC-1 works through settlement which means that the debris settles within the cells of OC-1 throughout the entire bed rather than being trapped on the top of the media bed. This new British manufactured filtration media has some exceptional benefits – by replacing commonly used media (such as sand and glass) with OC-1 it is possible to reduce the head loss in the filtration system and filter with a constant flow regardless of debris retention.

• Out-performs traditional filter media
• Increased debris retention
• Decreased head loss
• Potential energy savings
• Lightweight
• Suitable for all applications
• Independently tested by IFTS

High quality filtration

OC-1 has been proven to efficiently reduce the turbidity of pool water and retain particulate without increasing the pressure within the filter or reducing the flow. The debris capacity of OC-1 is more than 20 times that of sand or glass. OC-1 removes 81% of 10 micron particles in a single pass and can even remove particles as small as 1 micron without flocculation or coagulation.

Unlike sand, gravel and glass, OC-1 is lightweight so easy to handle and transport. This is a huge advantage in terms of manual handling requirements, ease of installation and logistics. OC-1 is supplied in 50 litre bags that each weigh approximately 9kg and have the equivalent volume of three 25kg bags of sand.

Reduces pool running costs

OC-1 can reduce energy usage and water consumption. Its open cell formation makes it possible to achieve a greater flow of water through the filter. In many cases this means that pump speeds can be reduced by around 20%, without compromising the original flow, producing impressive energy savings. Alternatively, on new installations a smaller pump can be specified to produce the same flow – saving running costs and initial outlay. Due to its constant flow rate and huge debris capacity, OC-1 can reduce backwashing frequency and water consumption.