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Certikin Control Panel Receiver - 2015 lights onwards - (requires SPLT001) SPLT2002

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High intensity LED lighting

Environmentally friendly thanks to its long life (up to 100,000 hours) and high energy efficiency (uses 90% less power than a traditional lighting system).

Certikin White LED Light

  • Power supply 12v

  • Power consumption 16W - white (24VA)

  • Initial output 1485 (white) lumens

  • IPX8 protection

  • 24VA

    Certikin Colour Change LED Light

  • Power supply 12v

  • Power consumption 27W (37VA)

  • Initial output 1100 lumens

    Certikin Ultra Bright LT LED Lights
    (Recommended for commercial pools)
    The ultra bright lamp offers greater light intensity and better power efficiency than the standard unit. Thanks to a new optic the projection of light is maximised, making the most of its intensity and reducing light loss and keeping light pollution to a minimum.


  • Power supply 12v AC

  • Power consumption 58W (60VA)

  • Output 4320 lumens (almost 3 times brighter than the standard unit!)