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24" (610mm) Tagelus Top Mount Filter with 1HP (0.75kW) Swimflo pump. ZZ2002

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24" (610mm) Tagelus Top Mount Filter is sand filter that's been a leader for years. Combine it with the proven, efficient, and durable 1HP (0.75kW) Swimflo pump. The result is a filtration and circulation system engineered to provide superior performance, and longevity.

Tagelus Filter Features : 

  • The Certikin Swimflo swimming pool circulation pump is available in 0.3HP (0.24kW), 0.5HP (0.37kW), 0.75HP (0.55kW), 1HP (0.74kW) and 1.5HP (1.1kW) sizes.
  • The Tagelus top mount range of swimming pool filters is renowned for reliability.
  • Its seamless construction eliminates any possibility of leakage and composite shell means that rusting or corrosion are impossible.
  • Simple to install, the Tagelus filter is designed for long life and ensures many years' enjoyment of swimming in crystal clear water.
  • Tagelus Filter Tank, Multiport Valve, Pressure Gauge, Media & Swimflo Pump