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Certikin U/W Speaker - rated power Impedance 8ohms 20W - c/w 10m cable SL600UC

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Certikin U/W Speaker - rated power Impedance 8ohms 20W - c/w 10m cable SL600UC

Certikin Under Water Speaker. These 20W underwater speakers have been designed to fit inside a Certikin light niche (in place of light guts). They have a rated power impedence of 8 ohms. Comes with a 10m cable.

An isolating transformer should be used with each speaker.

The speakers should be driven by an amplifier of a suitable size. Please consult a hi-fi specialist to ensure correct sizing.

The speaker guts SL600UC contains a 20-watt loud speaker of 8 ohms, to be installed under water in our standard niche (pu9). The main working part is completely encased in rubber, which eliminates corrosion and electrolysis damage.

Because water is denser than air, sound travels well but does require a little more power to move the water. Care must be taken not to overpower the unit as damage may occur.

As most amplifier systems require two speakers for stereo reproduction, two speakers must be connected to prevent amplifier damage.

Each underwater speaker must be isolated from the amplifier unit by means of the isolation transformer (SL600TC). Each speaker unit comes with a length of waterproof double insulated cable embedded into the rubber housing, this can be extended if required. A pools side junction deck box (PU10N) is recommended for ease of future access.

The Speakers should be installed to a depth of at least 1 metre, to avoid sound disruption by surface currents. Two loudspeakers will be sufficient for a swimming pool of 20m x 10m.

These Speakers are not designed for out of water use, if used out of water over heating may occur