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GeoBubble Pool Cover

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GeoBubble is a new innovative bubble shape that has been scientifically designed to increase the expected lifespan of swimming pool bubble cover material by up to 25%.

Traditional bubble cover materials have always made use of a circular/ cylindrical bubble design, but experience has begun to show that this
design offers multiple weak points which can be prone to premature failure in the harsh environments of a swimming pool.

The new GeoBubble extrusion has specifically been created to combat the attacks of UV and pool chemicals and has converted the
limitations of a traditional bubble to great advantages.

Sharp corners which were once an area of high stress have been replaced by a smoother, more uniform shape and a thickness of
material (50% thicker that standard bubble) which considerably increases the bubbles resistance to attack from the water. On the surface, improved UV additives, stabilisers and anti-oxidants have added to the covers’ overall durability and within the bubble a larger cavity offers more room for air expansion.

The GeoBubble design has a much larger footprint than most traditional bubble materials to allow for expansion of air in the bubble shape. The stiff waistline section makes the bubble strong enough to hold expanding air and will not stretch and burst under pressure. The large footprint also acts as an insulator, retaining heat in the pool, plus helps the cover stick to the water so it cannot be blown off the pool. All in all, GeoBubble covers offer excellent levels of performance and durability over standard pool covers.

GeoBubble’s unique features and benefits:
• Unique patented design of two bubbles joined together by a structural waistline centre section
• No sharp corners that could result in thin or weak points in the design
• No stress points due to the bubble’s smooth interconnected curves
• 50% thicker than a traditional bubble material
• Increased resilience against UV rays and chemical attack