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Certikin Indux 4 Semi Remote Unit: Including Fans - 300mm diameter spigots AM3054

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Certikin Indux 4 Semi Remote Unit: Including Fans - 300mm diameter spigots AM3054

The Indux 4 Heat recovery ventilation unit is designed to sit in a wall but has the added feature that allows you to use 2 ducts to vent the air through to an outer wall if you do not have an outside wall to install this unit on.

This unit will extract stale air and introduce warmed fresh air from the outside.

As a heat recovery ventilation unit it moves a useful 153 l/s of air

Processing the same air over and over will make the pool hall air feel stuffy and stale, which is why is always a good idea to make provision for fresh air.

The Indux 4 is the perfect solution for commercial areas that require a high performance balanced intake/extract scheme.

Ideal for swimming pools, computer rooms, classrooms, offices and the health and leisure industries.

The compact heat recovery cube interleaves outgoing warm air with incoming fresh air and allows the heat from one to warm the other without the two streams mixing. No energy is need for this mixing, just the small fans.

Behind the neat deflecting fascia grilles are the filters, the heat exchange cube and fan units. All wall sleeve components, the heat exchange cube and the fascia grilles are made of tough polymeric materials.

The Indux 4 can be controlled with the addition of the speed controller. This cost a little extra but is a worth while purchase.

This unit is fully speed controllable with the facility to reverse the supply air fan and provide ‘double extraction’ for periods when heat loss is desirable.