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Linerlock wedge White - per 100m roll

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Our standard liner-lock wedge has a smooth rounded profile so in addition to securing the liner bead in place it offers a consistently neat trim in the opening of the liner-lock. Cover-up wedge performs in the same way as the standard wedge, but also gives a finishing trim above the liner-lock to cover any visible grout or cement seam above the liner-lock. The liner-lock insert strip is designed for use when a pool is being built or refurbished. This simple but effective strip can be inserted into the mouth of the liner-lock and will prevent the mouth being crushed closed by copings and will stop debris and mortar/grout settling in the linerlock
during construction/refurbishment. The insert strip can be left in the liner-lock right up to the point when the liner is installed, the insert can then be simply pulled out with its attached tab.