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Plant Room Shield flood detection device. PRS001

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The Certikin Plant Room Shield flood detection system is designed to isolate the circulation pump when there is a water leak in the pool plant room. It can limit potential damage to the plant room, connected buildings and the pool system, whilst also saving water.

Protect your swimming pool plant room equipment with the Plant Room Shield. Having a leak in a swimming pool plant room can cause significant damage to the equipment and your property, so swift action can greatly reduce the damage caused and the stress of resolving the issue.

The Plant Room Shield continuously monitors the environment and detects if a leak occurs in the pool plant room, then cuts power to the circulation pump, helping to prevent flood-damage to the equipment - particularly useful if the plant room is indoors.

In addition to cutting the power on detecting the leak, the Plant Room Shield will also send an alert notifying either you or your appointed pool maintenance engineer of the problem and what action the system has taken via a text message sent from the SIM card inside the Plant Room Shield.

While no substitute for regular routine inspection, maintenance and proper use of plant room equipment systems, the Plant Room Shield is designed to reduce the risk associated with a large volume water flood in the plant room and surrounding areas.

Mobile connectivity requires a SIM card, 7 day sim card included which can either be registered or replaced with your own chosen SIM card after the 7 day period). Included sim card is a multi network sim card so will work on any UK phone network provider. The preinstalled sim card is designed for use in harsh environments. Registration of sim card costs £5 per month. Details of how to register the sim card are included. 


This unit comes complete with point sensor that can be mounted at ground level to detect water on the floor 

Pumps and Filtration system automatically shut down to prevent flood damage from pool water

24 Hour a day Year-round monitoring

Alerts and status updates sent straight to your mobile and your service company. Alert unto 3 mobile phones



UK GSM module (for UK phone Network)

For Pumps up to 2hp