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Vaporex 30 + Defrost + 2kW Electric Heating. DH30AXP

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Ideal for indoor pool applications including domestic, therapy, health clubs and hotel & spa pools, the Calorex range of non-ducted dehumidifiers, are the only
choice when it comes to efficiency, reliability and performance.

An indoor swimming pool is a wonderful leisure and exercise environment, but there are many important factors to consider when planning and designing a pool. Even when you cannot see it, moisture in the form of water vapour is all around us in the air. The humidity in the air, if not controlled, will cause corrosion, mould and bacteria growth.

When left unchecked, moisture damage in swimming pool buildings causes major structural damage. Calorex dehumidifiers cleverly convert the energy locked up in the moisture into heat used to heat the room. The free heat recovered by dehumidification is not only “green”, but it accelerates the drying process, keeps the boiler off for longer, reduces the evaporation from the pool and creates a warm dry environment.

Calorex dehumidifiers are exceptionally efficient, recovering the latent energy that is contained in the moisture and delivering it back to the pool hall in the form of heat. Using a Calorex dehumidifier minimises the need to introduce and heat the cold outdoor air into the pool hall to dehumidify, which can be costly.

Available as wall mount or through wall models (TTW), for installation outside of the pool hall, the Calorex range of dehumidifiers also offer air heating via LPHW (low pressure hot water) or electric resistance heating.