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WPSCP dosing system (closed probe). CDEPAWPSCP

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As with all ORP based systems it is important to balance the body of water before installation as the mV reading given will be used as the set point for the controller. The key aspects to this being pH, free and combined chlorine. Data must be gathered for the specific erosion feeder plus the chemical being used to enable you to, initially, estimate the amount of chemical that is being eroded over a given time. Consideration must been given that even if the erosion rate is established, it can ultimately vary over time depending on the design of feeder because of the changing level of chemical tablets present within it. Another important relationship to understand is the main circulation flow rate against the addition flow rate of chemicals. The feeder erosion rate must be suitably sized against the circulation pump in order to avoid over or under dosing the body of water.

1. Controller with integral peristaltic pump and feeder output (socket)
2. Pre-filter
3. pH electrode
4. Flow sensor
5. Closed amperometric probe